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Commentary: Writing scripts 19 October 2020

‘Get on top of the computer program Final Draft. It's expensive and buggy, but it's the industry standard and for a first-time screenwriter like me there is something magical about the way it makes everything look like a Hollywood movie script. The other thing I have learnt is, the better the...

Whats new: 12 October 2020 - What's new 12 October 2020
  • ‘Dear Aspiring Writer, you are not ready. Stop. Put that finished story away and start another one. In a month, go back and look at the first story. RE-EDIT it. Then send it to a person you respect in the field who will be hard on you. Pray for many many, many red marks. Fix them. Then put...

The poet Rita Dove was once asked what makes poetry successful. She went on to illuminate three key areas: First, the heart of the writer; the things they wish to say - their politics and overarching sensibilities. Second, their tools: how they work language to organise and position words. And...

When I made the extremely practical decision to abandon my career in publishing to become a writer, I didn't know I wanted to write children's books. I thought I wanted to write for adults.

A previously unpublished writer has described the "extraordinary" moment a publisher offered him a six-figure advance on a three-book deal.

The prestigious TS Eliot prize has revealed a shortlist that shows that poetry is "the most resilient, potent, capacious and universal art we have".

The first time I ever saw one of my books on a "best of crime fiction" list, I felt sure that someone had missed an important piece of information. I wasn't sure if it was me or the writer of that list. In my mind, "crime fiction" was exclusively written about crime and criminals from the...

The Women's Prize has issued a statement saying that eligibility for the prize extends to "all women" where a woman is defined as "a cis woman, a transgender woman or anyone who is legally defined as a woman or of the female sex".

From her offices in White River Junction, Vt., Chelsea Green president and publisher Margo Baldwin says she has every reason to be pleased. To date, sales are up 40% this year over the same time last year. The company did more than $1 million in sales in April and again in May. Nor is one...

Author Rumaan Alam kept his expectations low, even as the film rights to his upcoming book "Leave the World Behind" became the center of a bidding contest among Hollywood studios this summer.

Amazon is the opposite of our romantic imagination of Italian villages lined with bakeries and old cobbler shops. But the pandemic persuaded Italians to overcome their reluctance to online shopping - and Amazon.

"I'm a very sociable person. The fact that I dislike interviews doesn't mean I'm a recluse," the poet Louise Glück said early on in our interview.

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